What you can do

Ways to support


We always welcome new supporters into our community group so if you want to join us at the marquee outside the hotel.

Wear Our Merch

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Why we care for our community

We just want a safe and secure neighborhood

We have deep concerns about the future for our children and it’s only right now we take action today to prevent untold problems that could occur with having over 241 people placed into one place.

We simply do not have the resources. 

A safe future for our children

With local schools within reach of the hotel, we don’t feel safe as parents with hundred of unchecked people wandering around our small village.

Our children come first, always.

Helping our neighbours feel safe at night

We have spoken to a lot of the older residents and they do have genuine worries about the prospect of the problems that could arise with the Home Office plans.

Giving our friends and family peace of mind.

Helping our community feel safer!