Community Support

A selection of poems, contributions and support for the protesters standing together for their family, community and country.

In a town both humble and serene
“Llanelli’s fields painted in emerald green,
But whispers of change now fill the air,
As the people unite, an opposition we declare.
They say the world seeks solace within our walls,
But in unity, Llanelli will never fall,
For we stand tall against the government’s decree,
No unvetted strangers flowing here so free.
Oh, Llanelli, our home so strong,
We won’t let our town go from right to wrong,
With heads held high, we’ll protect with might,
Against the flood of shadows in the dark of night.
A hole through the hedge, a secret unseen,
Where items are smuggled, keeping the guards keen,
But the people won’t bow, won’t break or bend,
With every challenge faced, our spirits ascend.
The council lost an appeal, a blow unforeseen,
But the pride of Llanelli, unwavering, keen,
For what’s right is right, courage we will borrow,
No matter what the Home Office claims tomorrow.
In every face, in every heart,
We bear the mark of a united art,
Welcoming those who join us with grace,
Yet cautious of shadows lurking in space.
For Llanelli’s spirit, cannot be cracked,
For we are standing together back to back,
With love and compassion, we’ll build our way,
Keeping harm away from us, come what may.
Though others may judge, misunderstanding abound,
Our resolve won’t be shaken, our feet on the ground,
With open hearts, we’ll stand up strong,
Finding unity in a world that’s sometimes wrong.
So let the voices cry out, let the truth be known,
For Llanelli’s love and courage will always be shown,
Bound together, forever we’ll stand,
Protecting our home, our beloved land.”
Darren Daniel & Lucinder Joyner
Llanelli Stands Proud.
“In a small community called Llanelli,
A tale unfolds, brave and truly heavy,
Against the government, they took a stand,
To protect their town, a resilient band.
Llanelli, standing tall with might,
United as one, raising voices in the fight,
No illegal immigrants in this sacred place,
Keeping our town safe, we embrace.
At the local hotel, a battle went down,
The security used flash bangs to astound.
But the proud protestors stood strong and firm,
Their voices echoing, a powerful term.
The police guarded the hole in the fence,
Nights turned to days, their vigil immense.
But the local council deemed the hole unsafe,
Yet Llanelli’s resolve, it did not chafe.
Llanelli remains steadfast, unbowed,
Awaiting the day when these fears are drowned,
Our town’s security, a shield of steel,
United in purpose, a love we all feel.
Llanelli stands proud, noble and strong,
A beacon of hope, where we all belong.
May peace prevail, let our community thrive,
And keep our town safe, for all our lives.”
Darren Daniel & Lucinder Joyner
Christine Bailey wrote these poems in honour of the strong stand the people of Furnace and Llanelli.
“Don’t go quietly into the night
Stand like a Warrior that knows how to fight,
Stand with proud Ancestors that hear your song,
Stand for the children who are not yet born,
Stand like a Warrior that knows how to fight,
Who cares for the Elderly, who cares for the young,
Who honours the stories and the songs not yet sung.
Dont go quietly into the night,
Stand like the Warrior who knows how to fight.
Rise like SOSPAN, your time has come!”
Christine Bailey

The Warriors Ode

“My heart saw deep injustice, my eyes they saw the tears –
And in my thoughts I heard the words, “not on my watch, this stops here!”
I stood up strong and fearless, my voice it roared aloud –
and stated strong and powerful, “no more, this ends now!”
I saw others rise up with me, I heard their voices too,
and suddenly a sea of Warriors gathered, some I even knew.
We thundered loud and mighty, our unity in no doubt –
our friendships growing every day, our actions speaking loud.
Like a wave gathering momentum crashing to the shore,
our voices travelled further, much further than before –
and suddenly the storm had risen, rolling across the land.
Streaks of lightening flashing out, like a soft and loving hand.
The wind it whispered softly, far into the night
Rise up all Peaceful Warriors, now is your time to fight!”
Christine Bailey

Llanelli Warriors

In Llanelli town where voices rose,
A tale of strength and courage flows.
The plod arrived, a grand display,
But unity stood firm that day.
Two security cars they brought along,
To make a scene, to prove them wrong.
With arrests they sought to shine so bright,
But in their mission, they lost the fight.
Miserably they failed, we stand tall,
Llanelli’s spirit, strong overall.
Against the tide of politics they ran,
But our community, together, we stand.
False arrests and charges, unjust and cruel,
Yet we won’t be silenced, we won’t play the fool.
For our children’s future, we’ll persist,
In the face of adversity, we resist.
Brutality they showed, but we stayed strong,
Verbal, mental, physical, it was all wrong.
They turned a blind eye when danger loomed,
But in unity and love, we’re still consumed.
Tears we shed, both quiet and loud,
Screams of anger, in the gathering crowd.
In moments of despair, we found our grace,
Llanelli’s spirit, in this special place.
We won’t forget, that’s our solemn vow,
We’ll remember then, we’ll remember now.
Llanelli’s heart, forever it will beat,
In our unity, we find our strength, complete.
So stand with us, in this fight we keep,
As Welsh warriors, our promise we’ll keep.
Never give up, let your voices soar,
For Llanelli’s future, we’ll strive for more.
Darren Protheroe