About Sospan

Save Our Stradey Park And Neighbourhood are supportive and passionate people who look to support, educate and encourage each other in this battle.

Welcome to our humble Welsh village of Furnace, nestled near the heart of Llanelli, where a resilient community stands united against the Home Office and Government plans to use the hotel as an emergency accomodation for asylum seekers. We are a dedicated group committed to raising awareness and extending a helping hand to stand together.

The Home Office’s relentless pursuit to impose an overwhelming burden upon our quaint community has galvanised people into action. Their plan to house 241 unchecked and unvetted illegal immigrants in our beloved iconic local gem, the Stradey Park Hotel & Spa, has sparked our unwavering determination to protect our families and community from the Home Office plans.

With passion in our hearts and care for our community, we aim to shed light on the challenges we face and rally support from near and far. Together, we stand to oppose the loss of the hotel and jobs.  We object to the extra demands on our over stretched public services and want to protect families, elderly and neighbours from the large number of unchecked, predominately men roaming freely in our community.

The support we have received has been immensed, and it has truly been humbling to see the community coming together in such a way. The immigration system in this country is broken and is causing loss of jobs, closures of hotels, pressures on public service and concern in welfare and safety to the local people.  The Home Office needs to start looking at ways of resolving this.  We will continue to stand together until we reach a resolution.

We Will Stand Our Ground Until We Get A Resolution!